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At Skypark you can enjoy all year round the most updated bowing facilities. Twelve modern bowling alleys equipped with auto-scoring systems and designed to reflect beautiful decorations under black lighting promise to bring it on for you! And why not making this experience even better and enjoy perfect moments of fun and leisure while also dipping into some delicious yummies from our snack bar!

In every lane there are supportive bars which move up and down in order to prevent the ball from falling aside into the ditch, making thus the game safe and possible even for young children. This way also, all members of a family can play on a single alley. Appropriate ages are considered over the age of two years old, capable of lifting smaller bowling balls for kids at a minimum of weight of 2.7Kg (6Lbs).

At our facilities you will also find special bowling shoes at available sizes ranging from 24 to 51 (4-17 UK).

Historic Facts

The basic idea of the game is probably as old as the discovery of the wheel. The stone-sphere-ball initially thrown towards a specific direction trying to reach a specific target was an evolutionary act born out of a survival need to either protect or kill to later become a game, a pleasant and playful hobby for mankind.

Several different versions have been encountered through the centuries in many different parts of the earth. It has been reported that during the ruling times of Cesar’s empire, habitants of the Alps were playing a rather primitive version of the game. Nowadays, bowing has acquired an admirable position amongst the international athletic community and is played by millions of people in over 90 countries. Bowling is recognized as a sport of athletic mastery and as such, it has been included in a list of sports under consideration for participation in the Olympic Games.

At the footstep of our millennium, bowling as a sport with a great history in the past seems to reveal a much bigger future!

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How is the game played?

Bowling is played in special lanes made from a wooden floor with certain specifications called alleys or aisles, each one being 24 meters long. The players stand at the one end of the aisle from where they launch their ball which must roll all the way at the other end of the aisle and hit a fixed formation of many pins as possible. The goal is to gain credits by knocking down as many pins as possible.

A complete game set consists of ten rounds. On every round, each player is granted two chances to score called frames. If the player knocks down all the pins in the first frame ball, he is said to have made a strike and the next player takes on. If a player spares at the tenth round meaning he knocks down the balls at the second frame, the player has the right to throw one more time for bonus points. If the player strikes at the tenth round then the player has the right to throw two times.

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Basic Rules

● Be ready when it is time for your turn to bowl.
● Remember that the player from your right side is granted priority.
● If a player from your left side has taken the ball before you got it, let them play first.
● Stay always within the area you are entitled to and wait for the ball to finish its run, then move back just behind the line.
● Wait until the pins have been set before bowling.
● Make sure your shoes are appropriate for bowling and never carry food, drink or cigarettes on the aisle.
● You must never play tricks or annoy another player who is ready in position to bowl.
● Always stand behind the foul line.

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From morning until night

Equally thoughtful of both the children and of course the parents, all of our areas where specially designed and constructed to offer good fun, leisure and many happy hours of relaxation to everybody! Your child will be playing in absolute safety at the games’ area, a large play room right next to you, while you can enjoy in peace a coffee or a meal, at any time of the day. We are open from early in the morning till late at night…


Ages 2-70

Bubble Land

Ages 2-10

Mini Cars

Ages 3-9


Ages 5-50

Mini Golf

Ages 3-70 (summer only)


Ages 3-70

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If you have any questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us at [+30] 2241 087508

Wish we’d gone here sooner ,we went bowling and crazy golf ...venue was good , great atmosphere ,reasonable priced lots off different combinations off activities .. would be great for younger children ..staff were friendly ..we will be coming back

Sofia C

Sofia C

Best place to go in Faliraki!

We have been there several times - best experience Bubble land - from 5 to 10 all kids were very happy running and jumping at this place. Only 2.5 eur and u get day pass! And there is always 1-2 responsible employee who watches your kids. The one who was working alone evening 12/09 - you are amazing - running like a hell, and smiling so much!!

Junna R

Junna R

Very good place for kids!

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