Mini Golf

Mini Golf

An exciting field trip passing through 18 different mini golf levels filled with colorful balls and different sized sticks is waiting for you (available only in the summer).

A beautifully made mini golf field, with several Hollywood touches and inspiration from cinematic star figures featuring in popular movies, has been specially designed to entertain everyone, ranging equally from a beginner to the most experienced of players! At night, a special effect is created as the field surrounded by secret neon lights transforms the scenery into a unique spectacle in Europe!

With easier or harder tours, the goal is to offer an attractive challenge for all ages and players above three years old.


Mini Golf is suitable for all ages and is a game that can offer precious moments of deep relaxation or excitement! Have fun with your friends or family. Our Mini Golf consists of 18 levels with increasing difficulty giving you the chance to test your technique and train better your skills!

Mini Golf consists of 18 separate levels with numbered labeling. The players are expected to complete each level without taking shortcuts. Using a golf set that is handed to them by our staff, the players start hitting softly the golf ball from a starting point all the way into the specified hole, in order to win and end the round and proceed to the next level. The players must aim to win the round by making the least of moves. Each hit of the golf ball counts as a move on a spot towards the end hole. If after 6 moves, the golf ball has still not been sent into the hole, an additional spot is added to the total moves. Players cannot have more than seven spots for each level. The player with the least spots wins the game.

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Equally thoughtful of both the children and of course the parents, all of our areas where specially designed and constructed to offer good fun, leisure and many happy hours of relaxation to everybody! Your child will be playing in absolute safety at the games’ area, a large play room right next to you, while you can enjoy in peace a coffee or a meal, at any time of the day. We are open from early in the morning till late at night…


Ages 2-70

Bubble Land

Ages 2-10

Mini Cars

Ages 3-9


Ages 5-50

Mini Golf

Ages 3-70 (summer only)


Ages 3-70

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Wish we’d gone here sooner ,we went bowling and crazy golf ...venue was good , great atmosphere ,reasonable priced lots off different combinations off activities .. would be great for younger children ..staff were friendly ..we will be coming back

Sofia C

Sofia C

Best place to go in Faliraki!

We have been there several times - best experience Bubble land - from 5 to 10 all kids were very happy running and jumping at this place. Only 2.5 eur and u get day pass! And there is always 1-2 responsible employee who watches your kids. The one who was working alone evening 12/09 - you are amazing - running like a hell, and smiling so much!!

Junna R

Junna R

Very good place for kids!

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We created this unique place in Rhodes in order to make a social contribution by offering alternative and most importantly creative ways of entertainment for our local communities and fellow habitants of the surrounding areas. Here, you are guaranteed to find a variety of fun things to do!

We are up to face any challenge in order to provide unlimited fun and transform an ordinary day out into a worthy experience, ready to help you organize an event, a birthday party or a tournament that you and your guests will remember for years to come!

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