Roller-skating is an activity that has been increasingly attracting more fans over the years. Apart from use as a simple means of wheel transportation, for most people this way of moving has become a reviving manner of doing some exercise which in turn, has created a fascinating sport! Back in the 70’s and the 90’s, roller skating was one of the most popular activities in the western world.

At Skypark, you will find at your disposal a whole indoors Disco-Roller room that promises to offer unlimited fun and dancing to the rhythm of music! Getting a one day pass bracelet allows you to enter the dance floor twice and for as much time as you wish! Dare to try something new and exciting, giving a precious athletic energy vibe to your daily routine. The activity is suitable for children aged at least five years old or even much older adults who still know how to roll in life!


Being adapted with a special synthetic floor for roller-skating, further special equipment is provided by our trained coaches. We are here to help you and your children at any moment you may need some help. In case of a beginner, we will show you how to find your proper balance and slowly start moving your body, rolling towards fun! Besides training, we stay responsible for your safety and we make sure that you wear a helmet in a correct manner at all times and that you take on preliminary although not obligatory caution with additional protection. Securing your fun, securing your safety!

The rollers that we use are roller blades which come in sizes 25-45 (UK 4-12).

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Rules and Regulations

● All users must wear a helmet. The use of a helmet is mandatory. Additional protective equipment such as kneecaps etc. will be suggested by staff but remains optional.
● Users are responsible for any equipment that is handed to them and are obliged to return it in the same original condition as granted. In cases of misuse and/or damage the users face fines for repair or even substitution costs.
● In cases of reported and confirmed misuse, the staff retains the right to remove the equipment of the user.
● All users are obliged to conform to safety regulations and follow indications made by supervising staff in order to avoid incidents of collision and/or other accidents and risks.
● If necessary for safety reasons, the staff has the right to pose certain limits on the number of users on the roller-skate dance floor.
● Users that behave inappropriately and irrespective of others pose a threat to everybody and may be restrained by security staff.
● Roller-skating is the only permitted activity in the room. Any other activities such as drinking and eating are forbidden.
● In case of injury or an emergency, all users must cease their activity until further instructions are provided by staff.
● The staff has no responsibility for body or other physical damages that could arise as a result of the user not abiding to the rules.
● Please take into consideration that this area is shared with other users and treat them with respect; you are not on your own!


It is very important for your own safety and also for the safety of others that you are not tempted to overestimate your skills and perform acrobatics you think you can achieve without proper training. Please enjoy responsibly and roll safe!

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From morning until night

Equally thoughtful of both the children and of course the parents, all of our areas where specially designed and constructed to offer good fun, leisure and many happy hours of relaxation to everybody! Your child will be playing in absolute safety at the games’ area, a large play room right next to you, while you can enjoy in peace a coffee or a meal, at any time of the day. We are open from early in the morning till late at night…


Ages 2-70

Bubble Land

Ages 2-10

Mini Cars

Ages 3-9


Ages 5-50

Mini Golf

Ages 3-70 (summer only)


Ages 3-70

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If you have any questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us at [+30] 2241 087508

Wish we’d gone here sooner ,we went bowling and crazy golf ...venue was good , great atmosphere ,reasonable priced lots off different combinations off activities .. would be great for younger children ..staff were friendly ..we will be coming back

Sofia C

Sofia C

Best place to go in Faliraki!

We have been there several times - best experience Bubble land - from 5 to 10 all kids were very happy running and jumping at this place. Only 2.5 eur and u get day pass! And there is always 1-2 responsible employee who watches your kids. The one who was working alone evening 12/09 - you are amazing - running like a hell, and smiling so much!!

Junna R

Junna R

Very good place for kids!

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We created this unique place in Rhodes in order to make a social contribution by offering alternative and most importantly creative ways of entertainment for our local communities and fellow habitants of the surrounding areas. Here, you are guaranteed to find a variety of fun things to do!

We are up to face any challenge in order to provide unlimited fun and transform an ordinary day out into a worthy experience, ready to help you organize an event, a birthday party or a tournament that you and your guests will remember for years to come!

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