Bubble Land

Bubble Land

On a daily basis, we welcome a large number of visitors. Just by paying for the children’s entrance, they can enjoy our services including engagement into a variety of activities and games (inflated playground and climbing wall) at three different levels.

Children’s parents and caretakers can fully relax at a specially made café-bar area that among others can also serve alcoholic drinks and, during summer stays open until midnight hour. Children are allowed to play and they have tons of fun within a safe, contained and very clean area. This distinct environment is further secured by trained staff, people who guard the children at all times while they can play care-free.

In the night, this space is modified by disco black lighting and transformed into yet, an even more magical play land. Bubble land is suitable for children up to ten years old and 1,50cm tall.


Bubble Land offers to the children the possibility of having diverse fun and continuous play on a multi-level scale, taking into consideration noted social facts like educational play and training in accordance with the needs of pre-school ages in modern teaching and parenting.

Having kids of our own, we strongly believe that playing is an extremely serious business and should be approached with even greater respect nowadays. Have you ever taken the time to notice how a child becomes absorbed and engages into playing, the time and energy it puts into an activity it likes? Directed by a natural tendency to play as the means to learn and become strong, playing is important for balanced upbringing and here at Skypark, we really fight over the necessity of alternative activities and sports that encourage fitness, education and socializing rather than spending hours alone on a computer game, watch videos on a tablet screen, etc.

Our goal is to offer high quality services that will equally guarantee your satisfaction and pleasure as well as your children’s play and fun! We care for everybody’s right to having a good time and we are devoted into providing continuous attention by renewing our games and always come up with fresh ideas exploring more ways to organize amazing and unforgettable parties!

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Kids' Parties

Celebrate your child’s birthday or name’s day by having a real party! Turn this day into a great event making it special for family and guests. Take advantage of our services to surprise everybody, big or small, with hours of fun and fill this experience with smiles to remember!

Bubble Land constitutes a unique and alternative multi-level place, carefully created and shaped to address and meet your family and guests’ needs. You and your big guests can relax with a coffee, drink, refreshment and /or a meal while your little ones can go crazy playing and interacting with each other under exclusive supervision of experienced tutors.

Partying duration time is between 3-4 hours and can be scheduled on an early morning zone (10:30-14:30) or a late evening zone (17:30-21:30).

Bring in your ideas and guests and create your own signature party by making the most out of a wide selection of activities and services, adjust them to your needs, and we will bring it to you at an unbeatable low budget!

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Safety comes always first and must be ahead of any fun! And that, is the immediate conclusion you will come across the moment you enter Bubble Land, meeting our security guard at the door who is responsible for checking those entering or leaving this area. Next, you will notice that everything, every function or process is dealt with primary concern over yours and your children’s physical and mental safety.

Our games are in full accordance with the regulations of EU and are approved by ELOT.

Moreover, our carefully selected staff is specially trained to operate under pressure and handle effectively any abrupt or difficult situation.

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From morning until night

Equally thoughtful of both the children and of course the parents, all of our areas where specially designed and constructed to offer good fun, leisure and many happy hours of relaxation to everybody! Your child will be playing in absolute safety at the games’ area, a large play room right next to you, while you can enjoy in peace a coffee or a meal, at any time of the day. We are open from early in the morning till late at night…


Ages 2-70

Bubble Land

Ages 2-10

Mini Cars

Ages 3-9


Ages 5-50

Mini Golf

Ages 3-70 (summer only)


Ages 3-70

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If you have any questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us at [+30] 2241 087508

Wish we’d gone here sooner ,we went bowling and crazy golf ...venue was good , great atmosphere ,reasonable priced lots off different combinations off activities .. would be great for younger children ..staff were friendly ..we will be coming back

Sofia C

Sofia C

Best place to go in Faliraki!

We have been there several times - best experience Bubble land - from 5 to 10 all kids were very happy running and jumping at this place. Only 2.5 eur and u get day pass! And there is always 1-2 responsible employee who watches your kids. The one who was working alone evening 12/09 - you are amazing - running like a hell, and smiling so much!!

Junna R

Junna R

Very good place for kids!

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We created this unique place in Rhodes in order to make a social contribution by offering alternative and most importantly creative ways of entertainment for our local communities and fellow habitants of the surrounding areas. Here, you are guaranteed to find a variety of fun things to do!

We are up to face any challenge in order to provide unlimited fun and transform an ordinary day out into a worthy experience, ready to help you organize an event, a birthday party or a tournament that you and your guests will remember for years to come!

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